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At Happy Tails we believe that a puppies early experiances can affect it for the rest of it's life.  In our unique environment, our puppies learn to socialize with people and other animals at a young age.  We pride ourselves on providing happy, well-adjusted puppies.

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Maltese (F)
Pomapoo (F)
Old English Sheepdog (F)
Great Dane (F)
Puggle (M)
Shihapoo (F)
Boston Terrier (M&F)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (M)
Coton de Tulear (F)
Havanese (M)
Bichapoo (F)
Toy Australian Shepherd (F)
Morkie (F)
Golden Retriever (M)
Goldendoodle (M)
Pekingese (M)