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At Happy Tails we believe that a puppies early experiances can affect it for the rest of it's life.  In our unique environment, our puppies learn to socialize with people and other animals at a young age.  We pride ourselves on providing happy, well-adjusted puppies.

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In the store now.
Italian Greyhound (M)
Maltese (F)
Min Pin (F)
Pomapoo (F)
Yorkhire Terrier (F)
Boston Terrier (F)
Old English Sheepdog (F)
Great Dane (F)
Yorkshire Terrier(F)
Puggle (M)
Shihapoo (F)

Coming 1/22/15
Boston Terrier (M&F)
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (2F & 1M)
Coton de Tulear (F)
Havanese (M)
Bichapoo (F)